10 Things To Do On A Solicitation Call

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D’Alessandro Inc. (DAI) is a national fundraising and management consulting firm. With more than 20 years of experience, DAI brings an array of high-impact services that enable your organization to do more. All are backed by a proven ability to solve problems and achieve goals.

We work with clients across all nonprofit spaces including education, healthcare, human services and faith-based organizations. Whether you are considering a capital campaign or just seeking to position your organization for long-term success and organizational health, DAI. has the knowledge and unique approach to help you get there. 

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Fundraising is not a problem to be solved!

Lack of money is not the problem. It does, however, point to an issue or issues within the organization that need to be addressed. A study was conducted for one of our multi-national clients which revealed...

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Are you a factory fundraiser?

Admit it. You’ve all done it. You slip into an assembly line process as you prepare for a major gift donor “ask” appointment. We call it Factory Fundraising.

You review the checklist. You prepare your...

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Why are you doing a feasibility study?

Not every campaign needs to lead with a feasibility study, not every study will give you the information you want and not every study has to be done by an outside consultant. In dealing with nonprofits one...

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