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D’Alessandro Inc. (DAI) is a national fundraising and management consulting firm. With more than 20 years of experience, DAI brings an array of high-impact services that enable your organization to do more. All are backed by a proven ability to solve problems and achieve goals.

We work with clients across all nonprofit spaces including education, healthcare, human services and faith-based organizations. Whether you are considering a capital campaign or just seeking to position your organization for long-term success and organizational health, DAI. has the knowledge and unique approach to help you get there. 

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Should board members be fundraisers?

For over 25 years we have met with Boards across the country. At Board meetings, one of the first questions we ask is “by a show of hands, how many of you like to fundraise”? The answer is universally the same...

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Do I really need to do a feasibility study to conduct a capital campaign?

No. If you want to find out what your constituency is saying about you and your plans for the future it’s a good idea to talk to them. You don’t need a feasibility study to do that but sometimes having a...

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Other than finding money, what is the biggest challenge charities face?

I was at a business networking function the other day and met a gentleman who is the new Chairman of the Board for a local charity. He recently retired and felt that this would be a great use of his time. With...

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