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“back to school”… …it doesn’t have the same meaning to all!

Why, then, do we treat all prospects the same when back to school arrives?

We say things like, “well, it’s back to school” so ‘they’ will be distracted for a few weeks. Really? ‘They’?

If you have kids in school right now, certainly you will be focused on “back to school.”  But if you do not, then “back to school” could mean any number of things: more school buses, traffic in areas where none existed for the past 10 weeks, excess traffic in the school supply aisles when all you need is a new print cartridge.

The lesson for us all is that our prospects are not all the same and therefore DO NOT react to “back to school” in the same manner. September is a great time to follow up with prospects. Ask them about the summer. Even if some prospects have kids adjusting to school, it is not all consuming.

Don’t put it off. Don’t make excuses. What are you really waiting for? Take advantage of the new season and start today! After all many of you probably used the summer as an excuse. Can you afford another few weeks of waiting?


Written by John J. Corcoran