Fundraising is not binary. It should not be considered a start/stop event. Where do you want to be in the next 5 years or even 10 years? What will your needs be?  Most importantly, how can you insure you will get there? What you do today will have a direct effect on what you can do tomorrow.

Leading our clients with fundraising solutions from strategic planning through campaign management, they have raised over $4 billion collectively. D’Alessandro Inc. works with organizations that are in their embryonic stage, as well as those with long, rich histories.

Did you know?

Americans gave $410.02 billion in 2017.

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We tell our clients that they are either in a campaign or planning for a campaign. In addition to fundraising solutions, D’Alessandro Inc. provides its clients with a range of consulting services to achieve success.

These services center on core elements of a successful operation:

  • Boards and Leadership
  • Major and Planned Gifts
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Finance and Administration

Did you know?

Charitable giving by individuals was $286.65 billion in 2017.

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Our approach with boards, leadership, staff and volunteers is to fully equip them with best practices to maximize their fundraising success. We tailor our client training to their specific circumstances and goals by providing a clear understanding of the fundraising solutions process. D’Alessandro Inc. provides a wide range of staff and leadership services from capability and strength assessment to one–on–one coaching which will inevitably raise individual or team performance.

Did you know?

Giving by individuals represented 70% of total giving.

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The nonprofit world is changing, as are the fundraising solutions. The sands are shifting under our feet and the healthiest organizations are shifting with it. In order to provide charity to others, nonprofit organizations must first become strong and healthy, themselves. They must become “High Impact Nonprofits”.

Leveraging decades of direct nonprofit experience and coaching to some of the most successful charitable organizations in the world, D’Alessandro has created The High Impact Nonprofit Boot Camp, a one and half day immersion workshop that introduces a transformative process for incredible success.

Did you know?

Charitable giving by corporations was $20.77 billion in 2017.

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