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gift request | stock market jitters...

stock market jitters…

The Gift Request

This is an eventful time of year for donors which can affect an individual’s mood relative to giving.  The upcoming election and who will have control of the house, fed increase in interest rates and swings in the stock market (like we saw last week) give donors legitimate reasons to stall regarding decisions on their giving.

This does not mean, however, that you should hesitate in making the gift request you had planned. There are so many charities asking for gifts, and your decision to not make a gift request based on what you see in the market or what you see happening politically would be a mistake.  Remember all the folks who thought the market would crash in the 2016 election.  For as long as we have been conducting feasibility studies (over 30 years now) there never seems to be a good time for a gift request.  When the economy is not doing well people are more cautious.  When the economy and market are doing well, there is more competition for donor dollars (charity, business investments, stock market, purchases) which ties up dollars.  It is never a good time but waiting for the right time could immobilize you

Many successful charities have been steady through the years. They know how to pace themselves and create financial stability with endowments and financial reserves for the rainy days.  Take a long-term view of your fundraising as strategic consultants will tell you to do with the stock market. Stick to your fundraising plans and don’t be deterred by what you read or see.  I tell my clients all the time to “problem solve your way to the goal.”

You may be surprised and this can be your most profitable quarter yet.  What are you projecting for the short term and the long term?  Will you be undeterred?



We have to Have it, before we can Give it.

And we have to Give it, before we can Receive it.

John Chappelear (Author of the Daily Six)


Written by:  Paul D’Alessandro

Founder and Chairman

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