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If you want to be successful… …don’t say these things?

If you want to be successful…don’t say these things?

“My donors are not as wealthy as their donors.”

“If only I had a big staff like they do.”

“After Labor Day the donors will be more receptive.”

“It’s too close to Labor Day.  By mid-October I will follow up with my major gifts program prospects.”

These are just a few statements that should be avoided. But more than the statements, eliminate the underlying attitude: Making excuses and blaming outside forces.

When we are constantly comparing, blaming and looking outward for excuses, we miss the important opportunity to adjust our own attitude toward the situation.

We compare ourselves to our peers. We blame circumstances. We feel that our donors are higher maintenance than those at other organizations.

This is a dangerous spiral to the bottom and it will affect your organization, especially your productivity.

It is a challenge to produce excellent work. It is even harder when you blame the current circumstances for where things are today. There will always be circumstances that challenge our plans for success.  We often tell our clients that we problem solve our way to the goal.

Do you accept circumstances and work around them? Or, do you think your circumstances are worse than everyone else’s?


Written by: John J. Corcoran

President & CEO 

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