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we should present our organization… the way youth are introduced to sports

we should present our organization…the way youth are introduced to sports

Organization Presentation

Imagine if we gathered some kids and handed them a brochure about baseball and had them read it. Then we gave them the rules to read and asked them to get to know them. After they completed these two intellectual tasks, THEN we had them join us on the field to play.

Do you think many would hang around to be invited on the field?

Now imagine that we selected a prospect and emailed or mailed them a brochure about our organization presentation. Then we gave them a prospectus with our mission and fundraising vision. Then AFTER that we asked them to meet with us on a “field”.

Wait, that’s what WE DO NOW!

Kids enjoy baseball because we get them on the field to catch and hit the ball FIRST! They kick the soccer ball on the field before they know anything about the theory. After they experience the sport on the field, they want to learn more.

You must create your field of play before your prospect will enjoy what you’re presenting.

In your organization presentation, on what “field” can you have your prospect play?


Written by: John J. Corcoran

President & CEO