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positive thinker or optimist

positive thinker or optimist

Professional Fundraising Consultants

These two personality traits may seem the same, but there is a significant difference.

Understanding the difference will have an impact on how successful you are with your prospects. As professional fundraising consultants, we see how our clients react to achieving goals and accomplishing tasks successfully.

An optimist has the feeling that things, as they are, will get better on their own. Basically, hoping for the best. As a mentor of mine taught me, “hope is not a good business word.”

A positive thinker, on the other hand, sees the reality with all its challenges and chooses to act a certain way to effect the change needed for success.

An example of this distinction would be looking at an extensive prospect list, donor plan, a tough marketplace and some issues with messaging.

An optimist would focus on the extensive list and hope that everyone would give, without dealing with natural challenges.

The positive thinker would act to align the messaging, analyze and organize the prospect list and put extra energy into the initiative at hand.

By the way, HOPE is a wonderful virtue to have. As a way of looking at the world, we need to be hopeful, especially about things beyond our control. But to wish or hope for an outcome that needs our extra efforts and energy is a sure way to a disappointing outcome.

I HOPE that you are a positive thinker. What can you act on today to produce a positive outcome to match your positive thinking?


Written by: John J. Corcoran

President & CEO

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