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procrastinate… or meet with a prospect…

procrastinate…or meet with a prospect…

I’ll bet that most of you would pick the procrastinate option.

It is much more pleasurable to stay in the office than to confront a prospect, present a proposal and then be patient with their answer.

The experts say that regardless of the action, when we procrastinate, we make a choice between two feelings:

1) Pleasure and greater pleasure…
Go to a movie or go to a concert of your favorite artist?

2) Pleasure and pain…
Go to a concert or do your taxes?

3) Pain and greater pain…
Do your taxes or miss the deadline and pay a penalty?

In the third example, although uncomfortable, the choice might be the easiest. The best way to cure your procrastination is to get to that third example.

“Do I go out to an uncomfortable prospect meeting or go to an uncomfortable meeting where my boss says that my prospect volume is not good enough to keep my job?”


Written by: John J. Corcoran

President & CEO

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