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prospect relationship | start today and show up… or wait for smooth edges?

start today and show up…or wait for smooth edges?

The Prospect Relationship

“The New Year is a good time to start, right?”

“I’ll wait until Monday.”

“Let’s start at the end of the week. Friday?”

“It’s the 18th already, so I’ll start on the 1st of next month.”


Sound familiar?

Any time should be a good time to start but most people like smooth edges.


This thinking may be acceptable for lofty goals and minor behavior improvements, but when it comes to creating or advancing a donor or prospect relationship, too many professionals choose the smooth edges. They wait. But will your prospects?


Have you heard this around your office?


“No, I’ll wait until next week.”

“It’s a Monday so I’ll make the call Tuesday.”

“Maybe Thursday, I’m busy in the office today.”


Touchpoints with prospects and donors are the most productive activities when fundraising is a priority. Unless you are magically meeting your revenue budget consistently, you NEED to be connected in person with key prospects and donors. When our clients are achieving their, they continue to “get out of the office” and create prospect relationship opportunities. They want to show up.


Don’t even wait for the New Year. Someone is waiting for you to show up.


What are you waiting for?


Written by: John J. Corcoran

President & CEO

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