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to really change you must... unlearn and move on

to really change you must…unlearn and move on

You Must Unlearn

Learning to accept change is not how it works.

Change is hard.
Change is necessary.
Change is the unknown.
Most of the time it goes against what you believe, what you have learned!

You must unlearn something to accept change.

If you want to change, there is something you will need to unlearn. Once you unlearn whatever is standing in your path to success, you can accept the change necessary to achieve your goals.

We challenge our clients to unlearn what gets in the way of change, in the way of growth. When they unlearn successfully, they have the capacity to embrace change.

To test this out, click on our website and see how many development principles you disagree with. But instead of just disagreeing, why not unlearn something and then read it again. It is not semantics. You will see the difference. You will embrace the change.

Are you ready to unlearn?

Written by: John J. Corcoran
President & CEO

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