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stay in the picture. . . without being the picture!

Following up with donor prospects is a key to being successful, or ANY prospects for that matter. And staying in front of your current major donors is just as important.

So, how can you do this without “being a pest?”

Here are a few suggestions for donors and/or prospects:

  • Email your prospect/donor an article you find that contains something of interest that shows you were listening. It can be about anything … sports, news, a cooking recipe, etc.
  • Call and invite them to an event in the community that they might want to attend.
  • Especially for the donor, call and ask them to give you some advice on something that you are working on, such as a new event venue or a new program you are considering.

These suggestions will keep you connected and in their picture. You do not want to BE the picture.

The longer you go without a connection to a current prospect or donor, the further away they get from supporting your mission.

Whose picture do you need to be in today?


Written by: John J. Corcoran

President & CEO

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