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Nonprofit Donations

Have you ever asked yourself why some prospects have delayed making their nonprofit donations even when you felt that the meeting went well and they had the means?

We all do it. With donations. With invites. With purchases.

Put yourself in their situation. You care about an organization, and they ask you for a financial commitment.  It is easy to think about but then you get busy and you are on to the next thing in your life. You know that they will be there next week or next month. The need will still be there. You will get around to it.

What if they told you that there were more kids THIS WEEK in need? Or that the building needs to be completed in the next SIX months? Or the surgery is SATURDAY and that family still needs help for their child? You might think differently. You might decide right then and there to make your nonprofit donation to make a difference. This is URGENCY.

What if there are only two naming opportunities left? Only four tickets to the fundraiser? Only one board seat open? This is SCARCITY.

If you were invited to an event where there were more than enough seats and you could just pay at the door, why would you register in advance? You wouldn’t. Another offer could come along. There could be a last-minute conflict. Chances are you might not even end up going at all. Too many other urgent and scarce opportunities got in the way.

Let your donors know that the time is NOW. Figure out your “deadline”. If you aren’t exact about your expectation, the donors will never meet it.

Let’s not ask for nonprofit donations without considering scarcity and urgency. Believe me, your donors will be considering it.


John J. Corcoran

President and CEO

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