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look to yourself... for advice on “prospect follow up!”

look to yourself…for advice on “follow up!”

Prospect Follow Up

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by clients is, “What’s the best way to go about a prospect follow up?”
I answer them with these questions:

  1. How do you think THEY want or need to be followed up with?
  2. What gets in YOUR way from getting back to people who are following up with you?

Another reminder for us is to customize our approaches and to put ourselves in the prospect’s shoes.

These questions lead us to a place of strength and focus.

Think about your prospect relationship. Assess whether your prospect prefers text, email or phone for follow up.  Don’t assume.  Ask them when you leave the meeting. They will tell you. Ask permission for a prospect follow up by asking, “When is it good for me to follow up?”  I prefer the phone follow up, so I let them know that I will follow up at the time they just told me. If that doesn’t work for them, they will say, “Just text or email.”  Clarity is key.

Now for the self-advice. Look at how YOU get distracted and procrastinate. The deadline you agreed to for the prospect follow up comes up and you do not have what is needed to continue. You may still be interested but you are not prepared. Do you just ignore the prospect follow up? We don’t always reply that we need more time, we just “put it aside.”

The lesson: Our prospects have the same issues with being busy and distracted. Don’t assume that they are not still interested. It is so important to continue the prospect follow up, so you stay on their radar as other things get in the way. Don’t make decisions for your prospects.

What do you need to do today to be better at the follow up?

Written by: John J. Corcoran
President & CEO

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